Are you ready to join the program?
This program helped Michelle and me lose weight, but more importantly, it reshaped us physically. We lost fat in a healthy, controlled, and clinically proven way. You can too, even if you have many medical issues!

We have done it with a wide variety of meal replacement options and by starting to make more healthy dinners of certain vegetables and meats (and other proteins).

While you should ALWAYS consult with your primary care physician, this program has plans specially designed for people with diabetes, gout, or on coagulants. The program also has created a complete guide to address almost all dietary concerns, including OU-certified Kosher meals and products free from allergens. There also are special programs for teens, seniors, and nursing mothersVegetarians and those with gluten intolerance also have been accounted for in specifically designed guides to meet their needs.

We are so sure that your physician will approve that we have included all of these links so that you can take them to your next appointment and have your physician give you the "Thumbs Up!"
If you have any questions or other medical issues you should consult this guide of ABSOLUTE contraindications.

On your journey we know things won't always be easy. We want to help but Michelle and I want you to be able to TAKE CONTROL FOR YOURSELVES! After all, this is your journey, we had ours. To defeat two of the biggest challenges you can face, the program also has guides for eating away from home and special occasions.